Coastal Engineering - Amphibious Housing

The Netherlands - Dura Vermeer

Credits: Dura Vermeer
Dura Vermeer designed and constructed 37 homes in  Maasbommel in The Netherlands near the Maas River dyke, a river which is known for its seasonal flooding.   Around two-thirds of The Netherlands' land mass lies beneath sea level, meaning the threat of rising water heights poses a significant threat to the livelihoods of many Dutch citizens.  "The columns have been driven deep into solid ground," explained Dick van Gooswilligen, a Dura Vermeer architect.  "They are even strong enough to withstand currents you would find on the open sea" [8].  The Maasbommel community has become an iconic example of the trend towards amphibious housing in coastal areas.

Point Coupee Parish - Old River, Louisiana

Credits: Elizabeth English
Featuring a design similar to the Dutch homes by Dura Vermeer, these homes were pushed for by Lousiana State University professor Elizabeth English, who is the founder of The Buoyant Foundation Project.  These homes could protect many homes from the disastrous flooding associated with Hurricane Katrina [17]

Waterstudio's Flood-Resistant Architecture, The Netherlands

Credits: Water St
These designs were created by the Dutch architect Koen Olthius with the design firm Waterstudio which has been involved in numerous construction projects throughout the country.  Olthius' fame as an architect has come from specializing in aqueous design for buildings in, on and at the water[18].

The "Float House," Lake Travis, Austin, Texas

Credits:Floating House Austin
The "Float House" located in Austin, Texas is unique in that it is not owned by one single family, but rather serves as a resort-style vacation spot for anyone willing to pay the price.  It features a unique wildlife rich setting and a rope swing for vacationers to enjoy.  Website

Dubai Floating Hotel, United Arab Emirates

Credits: Google Images
The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort was designed by Professor Roland Dieterle and will cost an estimated £300 million and will cover about 260 hectares.  The self-acclaimed 10-star hotel will charge around $5,000 per room per night.